Heart of the Pines Film Festival Sponsorship Opportunities

To become a sponsor, or if you have more questions about these opportunities, please email us at heartofthepinesfilmfest@gmail.com

Heart of a Producer – Red Carpet Sponsor – $1000

  • 6 VIP Passes to all screenings, events and private parties with filmmakers and talent – Logo or name of business on posters and banners (print and web)
  • A chance to speak at the awards ceremony
  • Logo on Official Festival Photo Backdrop on the red carpet (at all Festival venues, in all locations) – Every photo taken on the red carpet will have your logo in the background (just like Hollywood Premiers and Huge Film Festivals
  • Half-page ad in Festival Programs – Logo (large) on Website for 1 year
  • Mentions on Facebook and Twitter (at least 12)
  • A booth at the event (if desired), or chance to give away items in swag bags
  • Our love and gratitude

Director Level – Award Presenter – $500

  • 4 VIP Passes – Logo (medium size) on Website for 1 year
  • Mentions on Social media (at least 10)
  • Half-page ad in one Festival Program
  • Chance to speak and present the top honors at awards ceremony for Best Film, Best Director, Actress and Actor

Assistant Director Level – Tech Award Presenter – $250

  • 2 VIP Passes – Logo on Website for 3 months
  • Mentions on Social media (at least 5)
  • Quarter-page ad in one Festival Program
  • Chance to speak and present Best Cinematography, Editing, Score and Production Design

Movie Star Level – Local Sponsor – $100

  • 2 VIP passes to all screenings and events
  • Name or business listed in Festival Program
  • Recognized at Awards ceremony
  • Recognized on website and social media (at least twice each site)

For the Love of Movies – $50

  • 2 VIP passes to any screening
  • Name listed on Festival Website

2 thoughts on “Sponsorships”

    1. I would love to talk to you more about this! So glad to see that awesome house being turned into an asset for Minden. Your website looks amazing, too! I will call you Monday or Tuesday!
      Courtney S.
      Festival Director


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