Tickets are $5 per session or $10 for a day pass. – Purchase Tickets HERE.

Day 1: Saturday, July 25th
Location: Minden Civic Center

Session 1: 10:00am-12:15pm – Feature Documentary: Born in the Night, Preceded by Short Films “Angel” and “Shotgun of Faith”

  • BORN IN THE NIGHT is a portrait of Kenya, the Hope Development Centre in Kikima, and their orphans. The main focus is an expedition called “Walking Home”, a 150km walk through Kenya seen from the perspective of four of Hope’s orphans: Mutuku, Baraka, Mulwa, and Keli. TRAILER –
  • ANGEL – A spirited 7 year-old must work out the mysterious ways of his kidnapper: an angel with big silver wings and a direct phone line to God.
  • SHOTGUN OF FAITH – Chronicles a season with Barry Chinn, an ailing Texas cowboy pastor. As the number of literal cowboys in Texas dwindles, can he grow a church based on a way of life that hardly exists anymore? With an intimate observational style, this short film reflects the complexity of what it means to welcome inevitable change while attempting, in part, to stay the same.

Session 2: 12:30pm-1:45pm – FREE EVENT Family-friendly Short Films/Music Videos

  • SHORTS/MUSIC VIDEOS – Bas & Ben Bang; Escape Velocity; Small Town Dreams; A Bike; Kratzbaum; Swan; B+; 1-0; Warm Rush; Last Chance Garage; Blue Dream; Sing-Song; The Things We Keep; Waiting for You; Compassion by Least of These

Session 3:  2:00pm-3:30pm – Feature Documentary: No Trespassing, Preceded by short film “Poop on Poverty”

  • NO TRESPASSING takes the viewer on a journey through “Winter’s Bone” country and follows the story of one social worker as she travels into the foothills and “hollers” of the Ozarks, exploring a way of life we hardly dared dream still exists. This film examines the lifestyles behind the “No Trespassing” signs and delves into the cycle of poverty, abuse, neglect and addiction through compelling, personal interviews and “real-time” interactions with Ozarkians whose ancestors have lived in the area for generations. Fascinating, suspenseful stories unfold in this true-to-life “Winter’s Bone” tale, all compelling and strange – 1000 pictures sum up three words – people can change. Trailer:
  • POOP ON POVERTY – Set on the edge of the Thar desert and in the middle of world’s biggest camel fair, this film looks at the underbelly of one of the most visited and photographed tourist destinations in the world. The film highlight a challenge faced by 2.5 billion people on our planet everyday – access to cooking fuel. It is also a tribute to human ingenuity and sound environmental practice – turning animal waste into energy that reduces dependency on biomass and conserves natural resources.

Session 4:  3:45pm-5:00pm – Feature Documentary: Mimi & Dona, Preceded by short film “My Eyes”

  • MIMI & DONA – What happens when love runs out of time? For a 92-year-old mother, Mimi, who has cared 64 years for Dona, a daughter who has an intellectual disability, it means facing the inevitable – she will not outlive her daughter – and finding her daughter a home. This poignant, heartbreaking and, at times, humorous documentary traces this process through the story of a quirky and deeply connected mother-daughter duo. The film spotlights the challenges of aging caregivers of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities – some 4.6 million Americans, 75% of whom live at home with family – and details the ripple effects of Dona’s disability on three generations of a Texas family. MIMI AND DONA is a co-production with Independent Television Service (ITVS), with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It will be broadcast on PBS’ Independent Lens in the 2015-2016 season. TRAILER –
  • MY EYES – A short film based on a poem by Andy Smith, who beautifully and descriptively shares his perspective as a man with Asperger Syndrome (an Autism Spectrum disorder).

Session 5:  5:00pm-6:45pm – Feature Narrative Comedy: Max Peril, Preceded by short films “Counsellor”, “We Got Your Back”

  • MAX PERIL – In an effort to finish a film before turning thirty, Riley Young documents and re-creates the bizarre but supposedly-true stories of a retired secret agent using local talent, a VHS camcorder, and every low-budget trick he knows. TRAILER –
  • COUNSELLOR – This woman needs help. A very short comedy about regret.
  • WE GOT YOUR BACK – There is so much to feel guilty about nowadays, when you think about it. Sure, we all care about the environment, but honestly, don’t you just want to toss all the junk in the same waste bin, sometimes? What if there was a simple service that got your back covered, on a monthly direct debit plan?

Session 6: 7:00pm-8:00pm – Local Short Films and Doc Sneak Peek

– A Special Sneak Peek at “So, My Mom is an Armwrestler”, from the Festival Director and the subject of her film – her mom – Michele Sandifer
– Two LaFilmPrize TOP 20 Short films: “The Out & Outs” and “The Sound of Trains” from Travis Michael Champagne and Jordan Bradley
– Director Glen Muse (of Houston, TX) presents his short documentary “End of Watch: The Kevin Will Story”

  • THE SOUND OF TRAINS – After witnessing unusual lights in the sky a hermit is visited by two strange men. Starring: Daniel Baldwin, Gary Smith & Kasey James (and shot here in Webster Parish!)
  • THE OUT & OUT’S – An actor in the 1950’s travels to Louisiana for work, and falls in love with a local girl! Starring: Jonathan Bennett, Jordy Lucas, Chase Mowen ://
  • END OF WATCH: THE KEVIN WILL STORY – Documentary about a Houston Police Officer killed by a drunk driver and the impact of the loss to the department, family and everyone involved in the case.

Session 7: 8:15pm-10:00pm – Feature Narrative Drama: Wildlike (accepted to over 100 film festivals, and hitting theaters soon!)

  • WILDLIKE – Mackenzie, a troubled but daring teenage girl, is sent to live with her uncle in Juneau, Alaska. She longs for her struggling, absent mother, but as her mom’s phone calls become less frequent and her uncle’s care is not what it seems, she must flee. Her only thoughts are to escape her uncle’s grasp and contact her mother somehow, but as she plunges deeper into the Alaskan interior she is suddenly helplessly alone. A chance connection with a loner backpacker, Rene Bartlett, proves to be her only lifeline. As Mackenzie shadows Bartlett across the last frontier, she thwarts his efforts to cut her loose until Bart has no choice but to help her survive in the wilderness. Against the backdrop of a spectacular Alaska landscape, they discover the redemptive power of friendship. Mackenzie and Bartlett prove to be the unlikely salve for each other’s scars, until the damage Mackenzie carries with her threatens to destroy her newfound sanctuary. Returning to civilization, Mackenzie is once again at risk of capture by her uncle as he hounds with manipulative calls and messages. When Bartlett finally discovers her alarming secret, he must make a bold choice to take real responsibility for Mackenzie and help her escape her traumatic past and return home. TRAILER –

Day 2: Sunday, July 26th
Location: The Farm

Workshop: 2:00 – 6:00pm – Children’s Filmmaking Workshop


Session 8: 7:30 – 9:30pm – Arts Community Mixer and Short Film/Music Videos

  • SHORTS/MUSIC VIDEOS – On the Edge; Tony Windberg. A Painter in the Woods; …And There Was Neon.; Always A Reason; Bone & Body; echo; Girls Don’t Cry Wolf; Over Spilled Coffee; PHONE GHOST; Awakenings; On Tiptoes

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