Official Selections

Congratulations to the following projects that are OFFICIAL SELECTIONS for the HEART OF THE PINES LOUISIANA screening – sessions on July 25-26, 2015!

NOTE TO FILMMAKERS WHO SUBMITTED: If your project still has an “Undecided” status, that means yours is still in the running for the other two states’ screenings, and possibly to be added to the one in Louisiana in July. We are working on the schedule and will be adding a few more projects in the coming week. (6/27/2015)

Feature Narrative

Max Peril – Comedy, Directed by Frank Ladner
About: In an effort to finish a film before turning thirty, Riley Young documents and re-creates the supposedly-true stories of a retired secret agent using local talent, a VHS camcorder, and every low-budget trick he knows.
Watch Trailer:

WILDLIKE – Drama, Directed by Frank Green
About: Mackenzie, a troubled but daring teenage girl, is sent by her struggling mother to live with her uncle in Juneau, Alaska. Although Uncle seems like a supportive caretaker and friend, the relationship turns and Mackenzie is forced to run. Trying to make her way back to Seattle alone to find her absent mother, Mackenzie only winds up deeper in the Alaskan interior. Lost and with no one else to turn to, she shadows a loner backpacker, Bartlett, an unlikely father figure with scars of his own. Together, they cross the wilderness and discover sanctuary in the last frontier.
Watch Trailer:

Feature Documentary

Born in the Night – by Matthew Blais
Watch Teaser Trailer:

Mimi and Dona – by Sophie Sartain
Watch Trailer:

No Trespassing – by Kate Siegenthaler

Music Video
“Get Back”, Performed by Derek Clegg, Directed by Justin Brunelle
“Girls Don’t Cry Wolf,” Performed by Madison Douglas, Directed by John Chigas & Anna Eva Kotyza
“Swan”, an animated Music Video by Oleksandr Danylenko and Co-Director Kateryna Zabavko
“Waiting for You”, performed by SIGNY, Directed by Keller Davis
“Warm Rush” a stop-motion animated Music Video by Kira Bursky

Short Film

“Escape Velocity”, a short dramatic film by James Tralie

“We Got Your Back”, a short comedic film by Viktor Hertz

“Tony Windberg: A Painter in the Woods”, documentary short by Thomas Shumacher

Plus these shorts – more info to come:
Bas & Ben Bang
Blue Dream
On the Edge
On Tiptoes
Always A Reason
The Things We Keep
The Out and Out’s
END OF WATCH: The Kevin Will Story
Small Town Dreams
Over Spilled Coffee
A Bike
…And There Was Neon.
Bone & Body
Last Chance Garage


TV/Web Series

To be announced

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